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Of course we do! We are very proud of our Chihuahua puppies and our reputation. We make every attempt to guarantee our puppies are genetically sound and healthy. We want you to go home with a healthy, problem free puppy just as much as you do. The majority of the information you read here is included in my written health guarantee that the buyer will be provided with at the time of purchase.

The customer is given a written purchase agreement which allows them 14 days in which to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian, and is urged to do so. In the event that a genetic or physical problem is found that makes the puppy a poor health risk, with the exception of hypoglycemia, we will provide the buyer with a healthy replacement puppy or a cash refund if another puppy is not available, (Your Choice). If a problem is found, you the buyer must notify me within the above stated time period. Written evidence of any disorder would need to be supplied from your Veterinarian at once along with his address and phone number. It is at the buyers expense that the puppy be returned to us along with their registration papers and any medical evidence.

In addition, if the buyer is purchasing a puppy that is extremely small in size for his /her age, I will explain to the buyer the risk involved with hypoglycemia (low glucose). I will explain the precautions that should be taken to avoid this situation, as well as the treatment the puppy should receive immediately if any symptoms should occur. Hypoglycemia is not the result of a deformity, poor quality puppy, or poor breeding program but a condition that sometimes occurs not only in Chihuahuas, but many other toy breeds of very petite size and weights. This is normally associated with stress that comes from changing familiar environments or skipping meals. This condition is only temporary; the puppy is generally out of danger as soon as they become comfortable and adjust in their new home.

I assure the buyer that I am a concerned, compassionate breeder and will offer any help or advice before and/or after the purchase of your new puppy. However, I do not know the full environment the puppy is entering into, so therefore I take no responsibility for any sickness, veterinary fees, medical expenses, or death related issues associated to Hypoglycemia.

I try to treat people as fairly as I would like to be treated. I also want them to be prepared when purchasing a puppy from the smallest breed in the world, so please take these words seriously if your truly want to do what's best for your new puppy. Changing environments is the most critical time for them. Remember as a kid, how afraid you felt the first time your mom left you with a complete stranger, perhaps a new babysitter? Or how about the first time you got lost in a department store? Young puppies feel the same way and all the reassuring words you can offer them will help their fears of abandonment soon fade away.

May God Bless You And Give You The Desires Of Your Heart.

"Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart's desires."     Psalms 37:4 

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If you decide to purchase one of our Kountrytyme’s Kids, you will receive the puppies registration papers, a written health guarantee and receipt of final purchase. You will receive a shot and worming record of what your puppy has received and what inoculations he or she is due for to carry to your local veterinarian. You will be given a puppy care kit along with a sample bag of food and free coupon for the purchase of your next bag, to get you started on their current eating habits. I will also provide you with several informational sheets on how to care for a tiny Chihuahua puppy. I advise everyone in your family that will have contact with your new puppy to carefully read each and every sheet, no matter if you have owned a Chihuahua before or not. There’s no doubt that you will supply your puppy with plenty of love and affection, but learning all you can about the breed you own will prove beneficial to you.

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The price of our pups are based on an average of $700.00 to $900.00, depending on their quality and size. Puppies that we suspect to have a high show potential or are exceptionally small in size are priced accordingly. The very tiny pups normally have to stay with us longer depending on how well they are progressing without mom feeding them. Therefore prices may increase due to the additional vaccinations, wormers and feed that will need to be supplied. "These are the pups many people like to label as "Teacup Chihuahuas."  We prefer to call them what they are, Very Tiny Chihuahuas!
Please pay special attention to the title TEACUP MYTHS found on the INFORMATION page. Many times we have pups that are so tiny it's scary!  These are the ones that stay with us longer so that ever precaution may be taken to assure our new owners go home with a healthy puppy. We realize that waiting for your new puppy can be torment but to benefit your best interest and to further assure the health and well being of our pups, we will keep them as long as we feel necessary before allowing them to make that initial move into their new homes.

We have intentionally repeated some of the text in the pages of our site in hopes of getting our point across. We realize that some people prefer to look at the pictures as opposed to reading the text. Thanks for taking the time to do both!
God Bless You And May All Your Plans Bring Forth Success.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord... " plans to give you hope and a future."    Jeremiah 29:11

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It is not uncommon to start accepting deposits on pups that have not yet been born. I normally accept them according to how many breedings we have coming up in the near future. Usually it's the best way to guarantee a puppy from our upcoming litters, especially if you have a specific color, sex or size in mind. Often we have people that have already been waiting patiently for their own special pup and I always honor them first.

A non refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to reserve or hold a puppy. I only accept money orders or cashier's checks, it's nothing personal I have just learned the hard way in the past. Your deposit will go towards your purchase price. The remaining balance of the puppy is due when you take over ownership or at the actual time of delivery. Although the cost of all delivery fees must be paid in full at least one week prior to the delivery date. I will supply you with a hand written receipt by e-mail or regular mail for your records.

In the unusual event that a health problem is found with your puppy prior to him/her going to their new home, you would be entitled to a full refund of all delivery fees along with your full puppy deposit or you may choose another puppy of equal value, if one is available, (Your Choice).

I realize most people who are looking for that special puppy do so by the internet and dealing with a complete stranger with so many miles in between can be a little scary. You are more than welcome to come by in person, but for those of you who are unable to do so I have tried to include as much information about the Chihuahua breed as well as myself and how we normally do things here at Kountrytyme's Chihuahuas. I try to be as fair with people as I would like them to be with me. I do ask that you give me a call so that I may personally speak with you concerning exactly what you are looking for in a puppy. This helps out tremendously in matching you up with the perfect puppy for your family.
May God Bless You and remember : When You Need Strength ASAP! - Always Say A Prayer..
I can do all things in him who strengthens me..  Philippians 4:13

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As I stated before, I grew up with Chihuahuas, they have always been a part of my life. It’s wonderful when a child and a Chihuahua pup can become best friends. As I was growing up I had several best friends such as Skippy and Buttons, I will never forget them, I still have some of their favorite toys.

Parents must teach their children the proper way to handle a small Chihuahua so that he or she feels secure in their (two) arms. Chihuahuas do not like to be carried with one hand and dangled from a child’s arm.

Teach your child also to play with young puppies on the floor to reduce the risk of them falling from furniture. It does not take a very long fall to snap a small puppy’s leg into. Encourage your child to let the puppy have adequate naptime. Young puppies sleep 75% of the time, they would not do this if their little bodies did not tell them they needed to. Over exertion of a small Chihuahua can cause low blood sugar to occur. Teach children to be careful, responsible new best friends with their new puppy and they will have an unforgettable friend for life.

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YES: But Not By Air, (Unless You Are Flying With Your Puppy).
We want you to receive your puppy in tip top health, not frightened and nervous. If there is one thing that can cause stress in a young puppy, it’s being air born. The move itself is enough for them to endure. If a puppy is shipped in the cargo section of an airplane and suffers from low blood sugar as a result of their uncomfortable surroundings, who would know? I am not judging or faulting other breeders who are willing to do so, but we do not. We have other resources of transferring your puppy to you safely that is no more costly to you than flying. Please read about hypoglycemia (found on the information page).

Transferring Your Puppy To You:

Our delivery system is very simple, we offer short distance deliveries. How this works is, we will research a meeting destination convenient for both parties, then send you the address and driving directions that shows how far and how long it will take both of us. You may also enter the address on map quest yourself. Keep in mind that you are always welcome to come by in person and pick up your puppy.

Deliveries fees are due at least one week prior to the prearranged delivery date. This is to assure that you will be there to pick up your puppy, and no wasted trips are made. The remaining balance of the puppy can be made to (your delivery person) the person who is meeting with you, normally our family. The cost of delivery fees are based upon the distance we travel to meet you. Usually we ask that you meet us half way. The closer you are able to drive towards us, the less expensive the delivery fee is.

Before you venture out to meet with a complete stranger on the highways I will supply you with a photo of the person who is delivering your puppy, along with the make, color and license plates number of the vehicle they will be driving. Along with their cell number incase you may need to contact them. They will bring along all of the necessary paper work such as your purchase agreement, registration papers, and receipt for final purchase. They will also have your puppy starter kit to help get you started on your puppy's current eating habits.

We have been using this method of transfer for a long time and everyone seems to be very pleased with it. We feel it is much safer because we know where our pups are at all times and their travel conditions. Another advantage to this method is there are no delayed flights to worry about. Most of our customers prefer to drive as far as possible themselves to lower the cost. Some prefer to get a round trip flight and fly back with their puppy (Crated Under Their Seat). This is sometimes just as easy and cost efficient. If you choose to fly back with your puppy, arrangements need to be made with me in advance in order for me to have all the necessary paper work and health certificates prepared. Health certificates are only honored by airlines for up to ten days.

Usually you will have the pleasure of meeting my dad when the time arrives to pick up your puppy. He is retired and has more time to make day trips. He's very reliable and is normally always early when it comes to meeting the new owners for deliveries. Be prepared to smile because he always takes along his camera so that I may see the new owners of our babies. Another of our special delivery people that may be meeting with you is my husband. He's just as prompt as my dad.

Dad, On the Road Again! He's Off Again!

We have other special drivers such as the Deacon of our Church that are very familiar with our delivery methods in the event that my dad or husband are unavailable and it is inconvenient for you to change your plans. He is always willing to step in to make sure you get your puppy as scheduled. Generally the cost for a trip that consist of 8 hours both ways is $200.00, less for shorter distances, more for longer ones. This is as close as we can come from our hands to yours. We hope you agree with our transfer methods and we will do our best to comply with all of your transfer needs.

May God Bless You and keep You Safe In All Your Travels !

Cost For Travel Time Is: (Prices subject to change)
3 Hours one way- 6 Hrs. Round trip is: $225.00  
4 Hours one way- 8 Hrs. Round trip is: $300.00
5 Hours one way- 10 Hrs. Round trip is: $375.00
6 Hours one way- 12 Hrs. Round trip is: $450.00
(Tolls Not Included In Prices)

Please keep in mind, our deliveries are for customer's convenience; our time is precious to us also.