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About Kountry Tyme's Chihuahuas...
Thanks for stopping by to visit us here at Kountrytyme's Chihuahuas. We welcome you and feel honored to have you as our guest. We are very proud of our Chihuahuas, you might say we're even a little conceded over them. We feel we have some of the nicest Chihuahua Puppies in North Carolina. We'd like to share with you some of our history as Chihuahua Breeders.
Since my early childhood my family has been devoted to this precious little breed. I can not recall a time when Chihuahuas have not been a part of my life. My parents and nearly all of my aunts always had a few of these little guys around. Even as a kid my babysitter owned about six Chihuahuas. Then there were the "Old Time Chihuahua Breeders." One old lady in particular, that has since passed away, taught me more about how to raise and care for young Chihuahua puppies than anyone ever did or ever could. My lifelong, family veterinarian has also offered me many helpful tips over the years on how to maintain healthy pups. Everywhere I turned, there always seemed to be Chihuahuas around. As a kid, I was not allowed to handle the puppies. I have certainly made up for that since then. I grew up with some of "The Best Old Time Chihuahua Breeders" that there's ever been and I believe in giving credit where credit is due!
From the North Carolina Chihuahua Breeders to the most respectable Virginia Chihuahua Breeders, they have all been full of knowledge and help and I would personally like to thank them. As I listened and observed all of the opinions offered on how to breed quality Chihuahua puppies, I decided I still needed to do my homework, no matter how much I thought I already knew. It's always best to take advice from someone who's already walked in your shoes. For the past 20 years that is exactly what I have done. I continuously read, study and still listen to the advice of the long time Chihuahua breeders.
Each new litter of Chihuahua puppies that we bring into the world are carefully planned in order to achieve the best quality, sound and healthy pups as humanly possible. We breed in accordance to the Chihuahua standard. As with any breed you can't expect to always have perfect puppies but we still aim high to achieve that goal.

There have been many unfortunate times that I have purchased puppies from highly reputable breeders, only to have them develop an undesirable feature. Therefore spaying or neutering and finding them good, loving pet homes were necessary to keep from seeing this fault again. This is always heart breaking and sometimes you feel like throwing in the towel, but any respectable breeder should stand firm on this if they are truly concerned and dedicated in maintaining the continuous improvement of their breed.
"An old breeder once told me,
if you want to see it again, breed it again."

My parents still own five Chihuahuas of their own, and THANK GOD FOR MOTHERS, mine is the best. She's always there to assist whenever she's needed. Whether it's cleaning the kennels or taking home a litter of newborns Chihuahua puppies to make sure everyone gets their fair share of mom’s milk. My dad is our number one delivery person. He's always prompt in making sure all of our puppies are delivered on time to their new owners. My husband also shares the love of these little guys and helps out tremendously with all the repairs that are always needed in the kennel. We all work very hard to maintain a healthy environment for our Chihuahua puppies and adults. We feel we keep improving in quality each year. All of our puppies are raised in our home. This assures us that everyone is being closely monitored and socialized. Our Chihuahuas are not just our pets, they are very much apart of our family. They also make great bed buddies.

Our visitors are always impressed with the cleanliness and care they find being given to each and everyone here.

Our kennel is small enough that we could never be ridiculed by that popular term PUPPY MILLS. They are equipped with air condition, heat, a washing machine, running water, refrigerator, and everything that makes a house a home. You might say it’s like their own quaint country cottage. We have individual pet doors that allow our adult Chihuahuas to go in and out as often as they would like to stretch their legs and exercise. There are concrete runs surrounded by chain link fence to make sure everyone stays within their own boundaries. To sum it all up, they are living the good life and that’s the way we feel it should be.
We hope you enjoy viewing all the pictures of our Chihuahua puppies and adults. You can view all the pictures of our available Chihuahua puppies on our Nursery page. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail or take a look at our FAQ page. You can contact us on our Location page. Our Baby and Family Albums contain many pictures of our Chihuahua puppies and adults that have been bred here at Kountrytyme's over the years. Enjoy your visit and God Bless You!